updated to August 6, 2014


Acaciacroft (Planters’ Barracks)

Acacia Grove, see Prescott House

Acacia Villa School

Acadia University

Acadia Buildings


Apple Blossom Festival

Apple Industry

Archibald, Rosamond

Avery, Samuel



Baldursson, Gunn

Baronets of Nova Scotia

Beals family

Best, Henry & Isabella

Birds, Bird Counts, Ornithologists

Births, Marriages, Deaths, Wolfville

selected from the Higgens Diary 1881-1905

Bishop family

Black, Mary E.


Blue Beach, see Fossils

Blomidon Inn

Boy Scouts/Cubs

Boy Scout Photos


Calendar, Perpetual

Camp Fire Girls, see also Give Service Girls, after 1917


Cavanagh Building dispute

Cemeteries: see Wolfville, cemeteries

Chambers, Robert

Chipman, Isaac

Chipman, Leverett

Chipman/Hamilton Letters


Christmas Cards

Church, Ambrose


Baptist, Wallbrook

Grand Pré churches, history

Methodist, Horton (marriage register 1826-1904)

Presbyterian, Chalmers, Horton

Presbyterian, Covenanters, Grand Pré

Presbyterian, Wolfville

Roman Catholic

United, Wolfville

Cleveland, Aaron Family

Cochrane’s Drug Store

Coldwell, Perez- “the man from Gaspereau”

Colville, Alex

Covered Bridges, see also Avonport

Crane, Mrs. Bessie, diary- “Life in the Yukon, 1903”

Davidson, Heather

Davison, James D.

Death & Mourning

Dendrochronology, see Tree Ring Dating

Denton, Dr. George

DeWitt, Dr. George E. and Dr. C.E. Avery

DeWolf(e) family, genealogy

DeWolf, Dr. Albert  – murder/suicide, 1879

DeWolfe, Rev. Charles

DeWolfe, Elsie

DeWolf, Vice Admiral Harry

DeWolfe, R.W.

DeWolfe/Sleep/Cavanagh building

DeWolf, T.A.S

DeWolf, T.A.S., house

Domestic Skills

Duncanson, Evelyn

Dykes, Bishop Wickwire, Wellington- see also Sluice

Dykes, photographs (photocopies)


Elizabeth II Jubilee 2002

Elliott, C. Russell

Elliott, M. Robbins

Elliott, Shirley B.

Erskine, John, Rachel and Tony

Etna, (aka Greenfield) community of


Fairn, C.W. (03.18.1)

Fairn, Leslie

Fales family and house

Fire Department

Fitch, Edwin O.

Fossils, Blue Beach

Freeman family

Fuller family






Gerritse, Alf

Gesner, Abraham

Ghost Stories, see also Randall House

Ghost Stories

Gillmore family

Girl Guides

Give Service Girls, see also Camp Fire Girls

Godfrey family (see accessioned items)

Graham, Edson

Grand Pré Heritage

Conservation District

Grapenut Ice Cream, see Palms Restaurant

Greenough, George

Greenwich History


Hamilton, Charles S.

Hancock, Glen

Harris House, Hortonville

Haycock, Maurice

Hemmeon Family

Herbin family

Hill House, Highland Avenue

Historic House Tours, Kings County

Holland Bakery

Horton Carver, the- see Wolfville: Cemetery

Old Town Burying Ground

Hydroelectric Power


Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire- (IODE)

Jodrey, R.A.

Johnson, William, house, 402 Main Street


Kendall, Dicky

Kent Lodge

Kenny family

Kenny, Samuel Raymond

Kings County History

Kings Hants Heritage Connection

Kinsman, William Henry

Kipawo ferry



Lumsden, Rev. Clarence B.


McCurdy, William M. harbour master

McKittrick family


Marsters family

Masons and Odd Fellows

Merchant Marine (2 files)

Annapolis Valley men and ships

Mermaid Theatre (Stephen B. DeWolfe store) demolition


Military Exhibit 1995

Mount Denson

Mud Creek Days

Munro family

Murphy, Vernita

Museums, general


Natural History

Newcomb family

New Minas

North Grand Pre Women’s Institute, History

Nova Scotia history, miscellaneous

Nowlan, George

Nowlan’s Canteen


Oliver family


Painted Rooms

Palmeter family (missing)

Palms Restaurant; and grapenut ice cream

Parsons, Mona

Patriquin family

Patriquin Regatta

Payzant family

Pearman, Bill



Pony Express

Poor Farm House & Cemetery, Greenwich

Porter family

Port Williams: bridge, shipping

Postal Service

Prat family

Prat Exhibition, PANS, 1980

Prescott House (Acacia Grove)



Rainbow, America Cup, 1934

Randall family

Randall House, history

Randall House, ghost stories

Ritchie, Charles, diplomat

Roads: Great Roads of N.S.

Ruffee, George


Saxby Gale (missing)

Shaw family, Avonport

Sheriff, Jack

Ships & Shipping

Ship Models


Sinclair, Prince Henry

Skoda Building

Sluice, Grand Pre

Spinney Stories (99.26.1)

Spirit of N.S. Exhibit, AGNS, 1986


Starr family

Starr, Evelyn

Stewart family of Grand Pre, letters Daniel, Robert



Telephone history


Tourism, early

Townsend, Bill

Travel, 1750-1950

Tree Ring Dating (Dendrochronology)

Troyte-Bullock family

Tufts, Robie


VON photo, 2011

Wade, Bill

Walking Tours, Wolfville

Wallpaper, general, also Economy,

Cumberland Co., see also T.A.S. DeWolf house

Warren, Robert Maurice

War Service of local people

Weatherbee, Hon. Sir Robert L.

Weston, Katie Mae

Whidden, Mrs. D. Graham

Wickwire family

Willow Pattern, the (on china)

Wolfville, Town of:


Banks: Peoples Bank, Bank of Montreal


Cemetery: Old Town Burying Ground

St. John’s Anglican

Willowbank, Gaspereau Ave.



Hospital, Eastern Kings Memorial (EKM)

Hotels: Wolfville Hotel, Evangeline Inn, Acadia Villa


Nursing Home


Service Stations

Street Names

Wolfville Historical Calendar, 1992, 1993

Wolfville Historical Society

Papers given to the WHS:

-Brook Watson in Cornwallis Township

-Minas Two Centuries Ago

-In Search of Acadie

-Samuel Starr

-Ebenezer Bishop of Thornhill

-Centennial Year – 1967

-Daniel-Marie Lienard de Beaujeu,  1711-1755

The Wolfville ship

Woodman Family

World War II: The Home Front

Wright, Dr. Esther Clark