Exterior Repairs 

In 2023, major issues with the museum’s exterior envelope were identified. The roof, siding, trim and windows need to be replaced.

Several qualified contractors and heritage experts have assessed the structure and they agree that the over 200 year old building is sound but that if the exterior envelope isn’t renewed, the issues will find their way to the interior in the next few years.

Not only will the exterior envelope need to be restored, but the walls will need to be insulated so that the building can be made environmentally efficient and more useful in a year-round capacity.


Keeping the Collection Safe

To add to the urgency of the situation, the building currently houses a collection of over 5000 artifacts that represent the last 150 years of Wolfville’s social history.

If the integrity of the building is compromised it will be very difficult to keep these artifacts safe and free from permanent damage from mold and corrosion.

Museum for Sale?

Over the last 75 years, WHS Volunteers have delivered many fine exhibits, programs, publications and events to the community but nowadays, relying on volunteers to run the museum is no longer a viable business model. With the high cost of repairs, the Wolfville Historical Society found themselves questioning if they might have to close and sell the museum.

After investigating the possibilities over the last year, one unavoidable fact remains; The Museum stands in one of the most prominent places in town. If it were to be sold, there is very little to keep the building from being demolished in the long term. 



So Much is Going Right:

Despite the condition of house and difficulties with depending on Volunteerism to run the organization, the museum is still serving the community VERY successfully:

    • It stands as a welcoming beacon at the East End of town and provides a way for newcomers to get to know us.
    • There are no other similar heritage sites in town
    • Visitor numbers are very healthy
    • The collection we care for represents over 150 years of Wolfville’s social history
    • We provide popular programming for children and venue space for functions
    • We employ 3 people every summer
    • We maintain beautiful gardens, accessible to the public

One Last Chance:

Considering the good that Museum is still delivering to the community and the fact that The Historical Society’s core mandate is to preserve history, it has been decided to direct all of the Societies’ remaining resources towards saving the Museum and even improving how it serves our community.

The Goals over the next 4 years are:

  • To raise funds for and oversee the repairs of Randall House
  • Create a stronger governing Board and volunteer base
  • Secure an additional $10, 000 in yearly sponsorships to support museum operations
  • Design a new interpretive plan for the museum that represents our area’s history in a more authentic and inclusive way

A Name Change

The Randall House has been known as the Randall House since 1812. With name like that, most visitors might expect to encounter a Heritage House style museum that tells the Randall family story and displays artifacts that once belonged to the Randalls.

But the truth is, we know very little of the Randall family story and far as we know, we don’t have any items that belonged to them. Focusing on the Randall name limits the story we can tell in the house which is a shame because there is so much more story to tell.

Over the next year, we will be consulting with community and working with heritage professionals to change the story we tell at the Museum. 

If you would like to help, please consider becoming a member or making a donation here. If you would like to participate in the upcoming community feedback sessions, get it touch with us at: randallhouse@outlook.com