Built c. 1800

Randall House, as we know it today, was built c.1800 by a cooper, Aaron Cleveland and was later purchased by Charles Randall in 1812. It is the town’s 2nd oldest structure.  The house stands next to what used to be the commercial centre of Mud Creek (now called Wolfville). Many people do not know that what is now called Willow Park used to be the world’s smallest registered harbour and a bustling seaport during the Age of Sail. With the invention of the steam engine came the region’s first rail line and our tiny harbour was changed forever. The rail line cut off water flow to the inner harbour and for many years the area stood unused and became a muddy eyesore. In 1927, a retired farmer named Charles Patriquin purchased the home and surrounding property and turned the muddy area into a duck pond meant for the enjoyment of the town’s people. In 1941, the Patriquin family donated the home to the Wolfville Historical Society, which has operated it as a community museum since 1947. For over 75 years, community members have volunteered their time to collect, preserve and exhibit the over 7000 items that represent much of our region’s cultural heritage.

The Museum is currently embarking on a major exterior repair  project and organizational restructuring. Learn More Here.