The history of Wolfville and its surrounding communities is a fascinating and well-documented one. For further information on the region’s past, the following publications offer excellent introductions and guides:

J. Sherman Bleakney, Sods, Soil, and Spades: The Acadians at Grand Pré and Their Dykeland Legacy (Montreal, QC and Kingston, ON: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2004).

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Julian Gwyn, Planter Nova Scotia, 1760-1815: Horton Township (Wolfville, NS: King’s-Hants Heritage Connection, 2010).

Gordon M. Haliburton, Horton Point: A History of Avonport (Wolfville, NS: Gaspereau Press, 1998).

John Frederic Herbin, The History of Grand-Pré (Kentville, NS: Gaspereau Press, 2003).

Maritime Dykelands: The 350 Year Struggle (Sl: Province of Nova Scotia, Department of Agriculture and Marketing, 1987).

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“The Port” Remembers: The History of Port Williams and Its Century Homes (Port Williams, NS: Port Williams Women’s Institute, 1976).

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Bert Young, My White Rock (New Minas, NS: the author, 1999).

Paul Young, Reflections of a Restaurant Owner’s Son: The Story of the Palms…and More! (Sl: the author, 2009).

We hold several of these books in the Museum for reference and some are for sale in the Museum giftshop. Several of the titles can also be found at the local library. Please contact us at if you require assistance in locating these publications.