1. Dr. John Humphrey Walton says:

    I am a relative from British Columbia, a great grandson of Amelia Darby, sister of your ancestor Elizabeth Rachel.
    I am searching for their grandmother Steven’s name and history.
    My wife is busy writing a children’s book about Amelia’s first 15 years of life on Sable Island where her father was Superintendent/Governor .We visited Sable Island in July – a magical place in the sunshine!
    If the Randall Museum has information that would lead us to family history before 1830 or after 1863 we would be very grateful to know how to access it.We enjoyed the picture of John Darby Chambers and wife. Thank you.

    • Randalladmin says:

      Thank you for commenting and telling us about your project. I will pass on your request to or historian who may be able to help.

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