1. Ted Nason says:

    I believe I am a descendant of Rev. Harding. I’m looking for solid information (e.g., birth dates etc) on his children. Does the Museum have such information?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Randalladmin says:

      Hi Ted,
      I think all of the information that we have on Rev. Harding is likely contained in this memorial page. I did check Mud Creek (The Story of The Town of Wolfville) and there is no mention of his children – just of his efforts in helping to expand Acadia University. I’ll keep an eye out. I’m thinking if there would be any records with Libraries & Archives Canada, the NS Archives, or Vital Statistics.

    • Jenny says:

      Hello. I am actually a descendant of Rev. T.S. Harding! And I attended Acadia University , even tough I do not live in Canada.

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