Posters in recruiting office window, Wolfville, c. 1917: WHS PH.29 (detail).

Recruitment Office

You can see an installation recreating this recruiting office front with the following text on Main St., Wolfville, in front of the Wild Lily boutique.
Recruiting in Wolfville during the First World War was punctuated by battalion tours. In its auspicious fall 1915 recruiting drive, the 85th Nova Scotia Highland Battalion drew men from across the province, including 16 from Wolfville. Its success spurred the creation of a Nova Scotian brigade including the 219th battalion, whose winter 1916 recruitment tour through Halifax, Hants and Kings Counties was accompanied by the 85th’s band. At the Wolfville meeting, held in the Baptist Church, attendance was “large”. Earlier, the pastor had delivered “an eloquent recruiting sermon.” At the evening meeting, Lieut.-Col. Borden and Capt. George Cutten (Acadia’s president as well as the province’s chief recruiting officer) spoke. Borden appealed directly to the men, claiming it was their duty to enlist. According to the Acadia student newspaper, he was “a most pleasing and convincing speaker, whose words rang true.” Cutten’s speech aimed for the other sex. He beseeched Wolfville’s women to encourage enlistment and bravely bear the burdens left behind. At the end of the meeting twelve Wolfville businessmen enlisted along with some Acadia students

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