Loan, Mac and Sheila Frail, Centreville NS.

Helmet, hackle etc

Shrapnel helmet, hackle, British War Medal, Victory Medal, Army Class A pin, notebook used by Wallace Frail in the First World War,.


  1. Chris Leslie says:

    Hi I was wondering if I could get a better picture of the hackle in this picture. As far as I can find this appears to be the only one out there. Your description of the purple feather has helped clear up the mystery as to what the unit wore as it is not listed anywhere in the history of the unit as I have the large picture book of the four highland battalions and in the unit history’s the 85th wore red, 193rd blue and the 185th green but no mention of the 219th.
    I have checked Nova Muse in your section and can’t see anywhere where they list this picture.
    Thank you

    • Randalladmin says:

      Hi Chris,
      Sorry it has taken so long to reply. We should have been more attentive to the website last month!I’m afraid we forget about it a little in the off season. The items shown in the photo were part of an exhibit at the museum in the summer of 2014. These particular items were on loan from Mac Frail whose father wore them in WWI. As they are not in our collection they would not appear on NovaMuse and we can’t take a better photo for you. You could download the one shown from out page however if you like. Perhaps the Army Museum could be of help? They have a facebook page and an enquiry there might elicit some results.

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